Digital and social

The growth in people’s use of technology in later life has seen many 65+ year olds increasingly active online, often using a mobile phone or tablet device to access information, connect with family and friends, purchase goods and services, or for personal entertainment like gaming, listening to music or watching videos.

There’s no denying that the mature market is using digital technologies in much the same way as younger people. This trend is only set to increase.

We put digital marketing at the core of everything we do. Our approach is to understand your business and target audience, their preferred means of communication and what digital and social technologies they currently use.

We help you develop digital marketing strategies that work across the right channels to get your message across in a way that resonates with your audience and helps them to engage with your brand. We achieve this through:

SEO and Advertising – being found on major search engines like Google is critical for when prospective customers are researching information about products and services. We will recommend the best strategy to drive the right type of customers to your digital platforms.

Social media – social media is a great way to communicate directly with your target audience, encourage the spread of branded content and increase engagement. Social media is also widely used by the mature market to access and share information, as well as get ‘close’ to the companies they admire. We help you identify the right social media platforms for your business and work with you to develop a digital marketing strategy that helps you to achieve your business goals.

Video – watching videos online is a favourite pastime for many and a great way to communicate with your audience about your product and services. Testimonials, show reels and video explainers are great ways to share information with your audience and bring to life what may otherwise be complex or detailed information.

Are you ready to go deeper with digital and social media marketing? Get in touch to find out how we can help.


"We would definitely return to Edna for support in the future. Her session has inspired us to pilot ‘Workplace’ by Facebook as a social networking tool within our organisation; to create a new website with linked ‘intranet’ capabilities; to use podcasting as a means to communicate with the wider Grange community, on and off site; and to issue more regular staff updates about key ‘stories’ such as the reorganisation, office moves and whole-Grange initiatives."


Eloise Appleby, Chief Executive Officer

The Grange Centre for People with Disabilities