Brand & reputation management


Brand building

Great brands don't just happen. The process of maintaining, improving, and upholding a brand so that it is associated with positive results requires expertise, planning and continuous innovation.

We review your organisation in detail to analyse features such as relevant market trends, the impact and reach of your operational activities, feedback from customers and your staff experiences to understand what makes your organisation unique.

Based on our findings, we develop brand management strategies that are built on a marketing foundation focusing directly on your brand promise

and how that brand can remain favorable to customers, staff and key stakeholders.

We make full use of the opportunities available to you to market your services, raise your profile and increase demand.

We adopt an integrated and flexible approach that works for your organisation across all communication channels to ensure your success. This includes, digital strategies, social media, print, word of mouth, PR, amongst others.

Reputation management


All companies need to manage their reputation. Companies that operate in a regulated environment like the health and adult social care sector, have come under intense scrutiny in the last few years, as high profile abuse cases, reports of poor care provision have come to the fore and challenged the credibility, safety and integrity of businesses within the sector.

However, the pressure to manage reputation and have a strong brand is essential to successfully run any business. Yet we know that a good reputation can be damaged within minutes of a crisis situation, adversely impacting your financial performance.

Our expertise in reputation building and crisis management will help protect your brand and provide you with the support you need to respond quickly and effectively to potentially damaging or unforeseen crisis.

Crisis communications

We can advise on all aspects of crisis management - from the development of specific procedures, contingency planning, communications and media relations - to make sure that your reputation is kept in tack when things go wrong.

Our practical approach will offer you an integrated solution to make sure that strategies work across all communication channels to include media, digital, print, so that a robust solution is in place to protect your brand and your reputation.

To discuss how we can help you to build a strong brand and protect your reputation, get in touch.


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