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Canford Healthcare

Canford Healthcare has a clear vision to grow the organisation to become one of the UK’s premier providers of care and support services. Operating at 12 locations across the south east of England, Canford Healthcare provides nursing, residential, dementia and home care services with annual revenue in excess of £40m.


Having gained significant growth through acquisition and with a focus to turnaround services in order to deliver high quality care, Canford Healthcare wants to develop a robust process for managing occupancy and the customer experience. The company has strong ambitions for growth and so aims to embed its corporate values to support employee engagement and build a strong corporate culture that delivers on the customer promise.

In addition, our input was sought for the recruitment of an in-house marketing and communications team.


We ran a discovery session with key members of the executive team to determine exactly how we could help. We looked at the current situation and carried out in-depth assessments of each home’s operations using mystery shopping techniques to identify those parts of the service that worked well and those areas that needed improvement in order to increase operational effectiveness.

From this recommendations were put forward for each service and working together with the local management teams implemented the actions, providing training, coaching and mentoring tailored to the needs of the service.

A robust process has been established for enquiries management, results showing an upward trend in occupancy at the services targeted. In addition, bespoke training on customer service has been developed with plans to roll out to the staff groups.

In addition, a thorough review of the existing marketing and communications activities and processes were undertaken to identify opportunities to achieve greater effectiveness, increase brand awareness and employee engagement. Recommendations for improvements were presented to the board setting out priority actions to be taken.

Working with senior executives, to include the HR team, we provided significant input with the recruitment, selection and induction of an in-house marketing and communications team. This included scoping of the job descriptions and person specifications, advertising the roles, preparation and management of the interview and selection process, induction training and mentoring of new staff team to ensure that they were up to speed to deliver on marketing objections quickly and effectively.


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