Insights into extra care housing

As the UK population ages, the number of older people living on their own and requiring formal care is increasing. This has prompted the need for more appropriate housing options for older people that enable them to live independently

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Resolutions vs intentional action

Many people start a new year with resolutions about how they are going to change their life, by either giving up something or doing more of a particular thing they want to establish in their lives. Research has shown that by 12 January

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Mastering marketing in social care

We are often approached by social care businesses for advice on how to improve their marketing activities to increase their reach and revenue. As well as providing personalised one-to-one consultancy to help address specific issues,

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Marketing your care business

The funding crisis means that providers are under pressure to develop sustainable income streams. Those who had relied on local authority block contracts now recognise that this is no longer a viable option.

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Going to market

Describing a market portrays how buyers and sellers do business. There are many kinds of market and several types of player. Social care is a market with changing characteristics and an evolving cast of participants. Knowing and understanding how

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Enhancing the 'lived' experience

I recently supported a close friend in his search for a care facility for his relative. What was evident during our visits was the emphasis on the importance of activities. Each service said they had a dedicated Activities Coordinator,

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