Weekly challenge - Understand your audience

Week one: 

Understand your audience - customer personas

When it comes to growing your social care business, getting down to the brass tacks of marketing will make sure that you start-off on the right footing. Just as a building is built on solid foundations, a great marketing strategy needs those solid foundations to ensure success.

Understand your audience

Now this might sound like its stating the obvious, but it will provide a number of benefits to help you stand out from the crowd. It may affirm what you already know, but equally it will tease out some surprises that guide you to making informed improvements.


Understanding your audience will allow you to fine tune how you communicate with them, to make sure you share the right message for each type of audience. It could be summed up as “the right message at the right time, to the right person in the right place”.


The way to do this is by developing audience personas; because aspects of your service will appeal people differently. What each persona wants to hear or understand will be slightly different based on their interests, motivations and their relationship with your business.


Take some time to review your existing clients:

  1. Ask yourself, who makes or influences the buying decision, list these people and categorise them.

  2. Are their needs and wants different - if so, what are they? Write them down.

  3. Think about the key questions they will ask when finding out about your service.

  4. From the information you gather create a profile for each type of audience. This should include, their age, background, the particular issues they want addressed and what they are interested in from your service. Try to create a persona for each audience type.


Useful Tip

Click here to download a persona template.


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