Weekly challenge 2 - How to use feedback

Week two:

How to use feedback to transform your business

Now that you have a better understanding of your customers and  who you are trying to reach, gain valuable insights into what would increase their satisfaction and recommendation of your service to others.

Let’s dive straight in!

Get feedback

You may already have a process for obtaining feedback. Satisfaction surveys and service user forums are a great way to get feedback on the quality of your service.

If you are using surveys make sure the questions are probing to give meaningful answers that help you understand what people want and how your service is performing.

For example, consider

  • Examples when your service has exceeded customer expectations?

  • What is the one thing you don’t currently do which service users wished you did?

  • What areas of the service works well?

  • Key areas of the service that could be improved and why?

Regularly review feedback, paying particular attention to both positive and negative comments. Can you see any patterns in the feedback? Are the same points coming up? Do any issues require further clarification or investigation? What actions will you need to take to address key points from the feedback?

Now look at your feedback results from a different angle - marrying them up to the personas

Does similar feedback come from the same or similar personas? What does it tell you about what each persona is looking for or wants from your service?

Negative feedback

Quite often negative feedback can be symptoms of an underlying issue. Just as a fever is the symptom of a viral infection occurring inside the body - the actual infection isn’t visible to the eye. The key here is to identify the root cause of the symptoms. Further analysis and questioning will give you insight into finding the root cause. Prioritise actions and set yourself a timeframe to tackle them.


Remember, all feedback is helpful, even those that may be perceived as negative.

Top tip! Keep a record of the steps you have and will be taking to address feedback, so that you can evidence to CQC how you are using people’s feedback to improve the quality of your service.

Remember to share all feedback with your team as they are instrumental to the continued success of your organisation. Encourage staff by sharing with them what works well and also address the areas that need to be improved.

Bonus Action

Communicate changes to your customers

Don’t forget to also share the outcome of your customer feedback with your customers and their family and friends. This is a great way to let them know the steps you have taken to address their concerns and to build trust by saying that you value their input to helping you improve the quality of your service. You could also use positive feedback to create publicity for your business, letting people know about the areas you excel.

Next week: Find your niche to remain competitive