The Royal British Legion

The Royal British Legion has been supporting service men and women, veterans and their families for almost 100 years. A major part of its work of lifelong support is to provide a full range of short and long term care services in Legion care homes and to make the lives of those who stay there as fulfilling and comfortable as possible.


The challenge:

Currently operating six care homes around the country, the Legion has ambitions to develop a care facility comprising of a care home with specialist dementia facilities, day care centre and a central community hub for the wider community at its Ellesmere Port site. 

We were commissioned to plan the consultation events required prior to the submission of the planning application for the development, and to support the team to make the most of the opportunity to engage with key stakeholders and the local community, as part of the initial marketing of the new site.  



We worked with the project management team to plan and implement the stakeholder and public consultation events. This included identifying the target audience for each event to make sure communication was taking place with the right people early on in the process. 

We provided input and support to the team on the creation of the communication materials required for the events, including the development of a website and promotional literature. 

On our advice the consultation events were used as an important marketing initiative to create awareness and build valuable relationships with key shareholders and the local community to support the planning process. Our work included the preparation of marketing materials to promote the events, elicit audience feedback and participation through meaningful dialogue. We also designed communication initiatives to ensure both online and offline communication channels were effectively used to reach the target audience.


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